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Steel door frames manufactured and assembled without welding, eliminating toxic emissions. Suitable for residential and commercial purposes.








Taylors Joining System door frames are manufactured and coated using Bluescope Zincanneal steel. The manufacturing process of these door frames does not involve production of welding fumes, grinding dust, noise from grinding or the use of products that generate excessive greenhouse gases. The metal door frames are designed to have neat corners that have not been rounded off by excessive grinding. The corners of the metal door frame also remain their original thickness, which adds integrity to the joint.

The Zincanneal material used for coating the door frames minimises the need for priming as the original metal coating has not been damaged. The coating, which possesses good adherence for the steel base provides a corrosion-resistant surface for painting directly with high quality finishes without any additional surface treatment such as priming, except for severe external conditions where etch priming is recommended for optimum performance.


Information last verified on 3rd February 2011

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