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Tasman Access Floors - Tasman Tascor® Unifix® General Office Access Floors


Modular, height adjustable raised flooring system made with 20% recycled content. Suitable for interior commercial use in a general office environment.








General Office Access Floor system consists of interchangeable 600m x 600mm modular panels supported on a multi-component height adjustable understructure. Adjustable pedestal assemblies locate the floor to create a rigid membrane. Panels are made from a concrete core with a steel outer shell.

All Tasman Access Floors contain 20% recycled content. This comes from less than 20% recycled paint from powder coating process, less than 30% recycled steel and less than 15% recycled aluminum for under structure components. 100% of all steel and aluminum scrap is recovered during the manufacturing process.

The access floor is 'medium grade' which has a safety factor of three times the concentrated (design) load and is capable of meeting medium static and dynamic loads per AS4154- General Access Floors.

The system has advantages including greater flexibility of the space, increased access to inherent thermal mass in building, reduction in air conditioning ductwork if underfloor plenum is used, increased individual control of air-conditioning and better cable management & re-use when relocated at the end of tenancy requirement.


Information last verified on 9 May 2008

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