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Energy efficient super-insulated block-based construction system for residential purposes.








Mil-Max building system comprises of interlocking blocks made of a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core with facings of magnesium oxide board.

The walls require no mortar, no fillings and manufacturer claims it reduces the need for four typical construction practices/costs  i.e.:

  • Structural frame  (foam core is load bearing)
  • Building foil vapor barrier (foam is closed cell - resisting vapor transfer)
  • External skin including bricks, weather board etc (Blocks come with internal and external skins already bonded and ready for paint/texture finish)
  • Insulation  (Foam core has a high insulation rating)

Mil-Max building system is fire resistant with the Magnesium Oxide skins being non-combustable and the foam core self extinguishing.

Information last verified: 6th June 2011

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