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Synteko Natural 1608 wood oil is an alkyd based solvent-free wood floor oil. Suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications, in standard and high-wearing areas.

Product's high solids content means there is less potential for emissions to air. Product is applied to wood surfaces, impregnating the wood to protect the surface (timber) allowing for easy rejuvenation of timber products.

Product is an alkyd-based high solid floor finish. The high solids content enhances the coverage rate compared to alternative wood coating treatments such as oils. Product is formulated for the treatment of wood and cork floors; however, it is also suitable for wooden stairs, window sills and benches, and applicable for high-wearing applications such as museums, airports, retail.

Manufacturer states that, with correct maintenance, the product does not need to be re-sanded, due to the high solid content and buffing process in application. These factors, and the durable, high-wearing quality of the finish, may result in significant material and labour costs savings in application, maintenance, sanding and recoating over the life-cycle of the floor.

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