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Nova Best is a low VOC, water-based, low odour, non-yellowing polyurethane hardwood floor finish which can be applied to unfinished and prefinished surfaces. The product is suitable for residential and commercial applications as well as high traffic areas in heavy wear applications.

Synteko Nova Best which was previously marketed as Synteko Star is a two-component low VOC, water-based polymer suitable for use on both wooden flooring and parquetry. The product has a high amount of solid content and is hard-wearing with high scratch, grease and chemical resistance. The product is free from NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone), a commonly used solvent which has been found to cause developmental and reproductive toxicity. Synteko Nova Best can be used on untreated or previously finished surfaces. Synteko Nova Best was previously marketed as Synteko Star.

Synteko claims that unlike conventional waterborne finishes, Synteko Nova Best will dry clear and is practically colourless.

Synteko Nova Best meets the AS/NZS4586:2013 standards on slip resistance for P3/D1 requirements on new pedestrian surface materials.

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