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SvenskaKJ - Kliptex® Acoustic Channel and Stretch Fabric System


Acoustic channel and stretch fabric noise reduction system made from polyester. Suitable for various interior wall and ceiling applications for office and commercial use.








Kliptex® is a stretch fabric system that combines acoustic performance and design flexibility to allow removable wall and ceiling decorative fabric finishes. Manufacturer claims the system reduces reverberated sound and enhances listening in restaurants, dining areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums and open office areas.

The Kliptex® frame system is lined with specially designed extruded locking channels made from UPVC. The frame includes a hinged track to eliminate the possibility of damage to the fabric during installation and removal. The unique locking mechanism ensures high tension of the fabric and eliminates the possibility of sagging.

Kliptex® allows the insertion a sound absorption substrate material concealed within the perimeter of the frame, over which the fabric is stretched and locked in position. The standard acoustic substrate used is SvenskaKJ- Vybar 48F, with significant recycled polyester content.

Finished installation leaves a uniformly tensioned fabric finish that can be cleaned in situ, or easily removed without any change of design, damage or need to realign the Kliptex® framework.

Information last verified on 4th February 2011

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