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Acoustic channel and stretch fabric noise reduction system made from polyester. Suitable for various interior wall and ceiling applications for office and commercial use.








Manufactured by Acoustica, Acoustiflex® is a specially designed material consisting of a dense polyester that has been reinforced with a thermally bonded thin aluminium facing.

Acoustiflex® insulation sheets are effective against external noise such as aircraft, traffic, adjoining properties, and will also contain internal noise within home theatres, entertainment areas, and offices.

Polyester is a low VOC product, and a more installer-friendly alternative to fibreglass insulation, requiring no specific protective apparel. Products are non-toxic material, and the manufacturer states they are tear, water and oil resistant, will not shed fibres or delaminate, and will not sustain mould growth or absorb odours.

Products will also have a thermal insualtion benefit, given their aluminium foil and additional polyester. This thermal benefit may reduce potential energy consumption for air-conditioning.


Information last verified on 4th February 2011

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