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Acoustic insulation materials made from polyester with approximately 50% recycled content. Suitable for interior commercial and industrial applications.








Acoustica EchoSoft® and Rigid Duct are acoustic insulation products made from 100% polyester, with approximately 50% recycled content. The acoustic insulation products have been fire rated to Australian standards and are 100% recyclable.

Polyester is a low VOC product, and a more installer-friendly alternative to fibreglass insulation, requiring no specific protective apparel.

Manufacturer states the products are tear, water and oil resistant, will not shed fibres or delaminate, and will not sustain mould growth or absorb odours.

The acoustic insulation products will also have thermal insulation benefits, reducing potential energy consumption in air-conditioning.

Product Options:

EchoSoft®Acoustic Foam Baffle Absorber - Sheets available in standard 12mm (high density- compressed) or 25mm thicknesses, suitable for workstation partitioning and free-standing panels covered with fabric. Echosoft prevents the transmission of low frequency sound, thus reducing stress levels and preventing buildings from being subject to structural vibration. Also available in the shape of a dolphin, ideally hung from swimming pool ceilings.

Rigid Duct - lightweight, high density acoustic batts with perforated foil on one side (approx 22% open area). Suitable for noise absorption and thermal insulation for air-conditioning ducting, industrial fans and motors.


Information last verified on 4th February 2011

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