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Superwall Systems – Superhead First Flush and Rainwater Filter


Pre filter for use with rainwater tanks to improve stored water quality. Suitable for commercial and residential use.









Superhead is a first flush, rain head, mosquito screen and leaf screen pre filter device designed to be part of rainwater collection systems. Pre filter systems are designed to prevent pollution from entering the tank therefore keeping water clean whilst in storage.

Superhead is installed upstream from the rainwater tank between the gutters and tank. Rainwater enters the rain head and is screened by the leaf screen to remove leaves and large debris. The water then enters the first flush system which discards a preset amount of water. Once the flush system is full the water should be clean and is diverted into the tank via a fine screen which prevent floating debris and insects entering the tank.

Superhead keeps rainwater safe and clean, reduces tank maintenance and helps prevent common problems such as sediment build-up, bacteria and algae problems, mosquito breeding and water staining.

Filtering of the water helps to prevent damage and blockage to pumps, sprinklers, washing machines, shower heads and other devices. Superhead also extends the useable life of tap washers and filter cartridges.




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