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A lightweight, commercial workstation system designed for adaptability to changing work settings. The ergonomic table can be used independently of the remaining workstation components to create collarborative/meeting tables and other options.








System comprises a number of complementary units: the 'bridge', 'post and beam' and table. The 'bridge' component is essentially the screen (and/or modesty panel) and stand which houses storage units, cable management, lighting equipment and accommodates electronic equipment. Adjustable work shelves attach to the bridge to provide additional workspaces. The table component is not attached to the screen and is able to be used independently of it. The 'post and beam' is a series of 2.2m or 2.4m tall, enclosable partitions usable in conjunction with the 'bridge' or as a replacement for it.


  • Range of top shapes x 25mm thick (see website for details).
  • 4 x 720mm tube legs with glides


  • Bridge posts: 90 or 120 degree space planning shapes
  • Various bridge widths (see website)
  • Bridge heights: 900 or 1000mm
  • Ribbon in-fills - either painted steel or fabric on steel
  • Optional: white board ribbon (upper ribbon only) and the cable management ribbon (lower ribbon only)


  • Cable management vertebrae
  • Cable box and holder
  • Socket holder
  • Screens and modesty panels
  • Work shelves
  • Post and beam dividers


Information last verified on 7th February 2011

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