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Murano Acoustic Panels are composite 100% recycled cellulose fibre-based, tongue and groove perforated board panels for interior wall or ceiling linings. Suitable for interior commercial and industrial applications.







Products can be used for interior wall or ceiling linings, and are engineered (slotted, grooved or perforated) to provide acoustic absorption, usually in accordance with design specifications. The panels are also tongue and grooved on all edges.

The board surfaces are supplied raw. They are then finished (lacquered, veneered, laminated, left bare, etc) according to project interior design requirements. The baseboard used to fabricate Murano products is made from recycled wheat straw (rather than wood fibre), and bound with an MDI resin.

The MDI adhesive is free of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde and other harmful volatile organic compounds.

General properties of straw fibre-based panels eclipse those of conventional wood fibre-based products. The straw fibres are finer than wood chips and shavings, allowing a much higher accumulation of cellulose fibre layers resulting in better compression, bending and anti-creep properties. The natural ingredients of straw, such as lignin, cellulose and pentosan raise the strength and hardness, reduce water swelling and improve the level of flame-retardancy of the panel. Water resistance is also higher due to the natural wax content of straw.

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