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Bioclimatic Facades responds to the extremes of external environmental conditions by controlling heat loss and gain, managing daylight and enhancing the quality of the indoor environment. It automatically has control over facades and windows to control shade and air ventilation.







SOMFY Bioclimatic designs aims to reduce the energy consumption rate required to operate a building while ensuring a comfortable climate for occupants. To do so, they use automatic facades to control the temperature. Comfort in the summer calls for the cooling strategy: protection from direct sunlight and solar gain, minimizing heat gain, dissipating excess heat and cooling naturally. Comfort in the winter calls for the heating strategy: capturing solar heat gain, storing it in thermal mass, retaining it through insulation and transmitting it to the building as needed.

The system controls the daylight management; maximizing the use of natural daylight to ensure greater visual comfort, reducing the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy consumption and operating costs. Furthermore SOMFY provides automatic control over windows reducing the air conditioning bill, and creating an overall healthier and more productive working environment.

Information last verified 18th February 2011

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