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Electricity generation from wind power, using hollow moulded fibreglass blades, large rotor diameters and durable components. Grid connector available. Suitable for domestic, residential commercial and industrial applications.







Soma Wind Generators are manufactured 100% in Australia. Two models available: 400 Watt and 1000 Watt. Soma also manufacture guyed tilt towers, and have available a range of split see-saw towers for those applications that require a single pole tower
without guy wires.

Soma Wind Generators can be used in stand-alone systems where no grid is available and in grid connect systems where they are used to offset electricity bills.

The Soma Grid Connect wind generators are designed for a higher voltage output to match the input range of typical grid connect inverters. A controller is included with the wind generator to rectify the AC output of the Soma, plus to provide protection for the inverter. The controller will allow the wind generator to spin up to a typical inverter cut-in voltage of 150V but will limit the DC output of the controller to 300VDC with a FET transistor switch which connects a dump resistor across the DC output. The dump load switching circuit maintains the voltage between 220V and 300VDC while the inverter is waiting to Synchronise with the grid. Also included is an independent crow bar thyristor circuit to clamp the DC output in case of regulator failure. An AC failure relay is included as well, so that the AC output of the wind generator is shorted during a grid failure. This will brake the wind generator and prevent it from spinning and dumping energy during extended grid failures.

Information last verified 18th February 2011

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