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Stand-alone or grid-connected electricity generation from solar power. Suitable for domestic, residential commercial and industrial applications.








Stand-alone systems are individually designed for each application using software developed by the BCSE (Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy). Systems typically incorporate solar panels, batteries, inverter/charger, petrol or diesel back-up generator, and data logging. On appropriate sites, a Soma wind generator will be included. They are often fully automatic systems requiring very little maintenance. RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) are also available to help offset the cost of these systems.

Grid-connected systems are simpler, requiring very little design effort. The size of these systems is determined by the desired amount of electricity to be  offset and the cost of investment. Most State Governments in Australia now have a Feed-in-Tariff, which means they pay a premium price to the owner for the solar power produced from their system. RECs are also available to help offset the cost of these systems.

Information last verified 18th February 2011

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