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Solar Gard - Solar window, Armorcoat and Armorcoat solar control films


Window films applied to the inside surface of glass for safety, solar heat and UV protection. Suitable for residential and commercial applications








Solar Gard window film blocks 98 percent of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 79 percent of uncomfortable solar heat.

Solar Gard also offers the protection of Armorcoat with a comprehensive line of safety films. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester, aggressive adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and scratch-resistant coatings provide exceptional blast mitigation and impact resistant capabilities - with thicker films offering greater protection. These clear films help hold broken shards in place. The ultraviolet inhibitors also help protect merchandise and valuables against fade damage. Armorcoat's solar control safety films are tinted to provide additional sun related benefits, beyond ultraviolet protection. These films include a metallized layer of polyester, sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals for exceptional, solar control performance capabilities and colour. In addition to glass retention, they're selected for their ability to offer privacy, balance temperatures, minimize eye-straining glare, help preserve furnishings and merchandise and reduce solar heat.

Information last verified 18th February 2011

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