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Solar hot water heating system. Electric and gas boosters available. Suitable for commercial and residential purposes. Anti-freeze and anti-corrosion features.








Solahart solar thermal systems have black chrome selective surface panels allowing high absorption and low emissivity (low heat loss). Vitreous steel tank with heavy duty sacrificial anode and insulated using injected polyurethane.

Range available:

  • closed circuit systems: models suitable for areas with low, medium and high solar radiation, poor and good water quality areas and frost or snow conditions.
  • open circuit systems: with pump options or split system options utilising thermosiphon principles.
  • Synergy heat pump: utilising heat from the atmosphere, with inbuilt booster element to prevent freezing at low temperatures. 225% more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. Suitable for hot climates.
  • Solar thermal systems come standard with electric booster (3.5 stars out of a 5 star rating from the NSW House Energy Rating Scheme), or gas booster available (5 Star rating from the NSW House Energy Rating Scheme).

Commercial Range: available in central storage systems, recommended for needs over 1,500L per day; and multiple roof top storage systems, for needs of less than 2,500L per day.

Information last verified 18th February 2011

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