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Recycled rags cut from post-consumer clothing and Manchester, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use.








All cut products are sold in15kg bags. Everything is passed through quality checking procedures prior to packing to reduce the risk of slabs containing staples, pins, plastic, buttons, seams, collars or cuffs.

Standard product categories are:

  • Light cotton
  • Medium cotton
  • General purpose wipers
  • Soft knits
  • White soft knits
  • Flannelette
  • Fleecy knits
  • Towelling
  • White cotton
  • Sheeting
  • White sheeting

Use of rags fashioned from recycled fabrics reroutes waste from landfill, at the same time reducing energy consumption in the production of rags.  Proceeds generated from the sale of these rags help fund The Smith Family's community projects.

Information last verified on: 22/02/2011

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