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Ideal for installation in smaller rooms, hallways, bathrooms and laundries, transferring natural light bellow, making it brighter, fresher and inviting.








The Skytube Intech is easy to install. Moulded flashings are designed to suit specific roof types including corrugated metal, metal deck/cliplock, concrete tile, terracotta tile, facilitating ease of installation and watertightness.

The Intech Lens is a laser cut, light-redirecting device which increases the performance of tubular skylights by up to four times. It is conical in shape to ensure it works to utmost performance, regardless of sun orientation. Each surface of the laser cut is a mirror, specifically engineered to capture low elevation sunlight and redirect it down the highly reflective Skytube shaft to your room below. The centre aperture of the Intech lens controls and balances light input and heat reduction, ensuring cool daylight in summer. You can now enjoy quality daylight hours from early morning to late afternoon.

Information last verified 15th February 2011

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