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Innovative skylight that selectively transmits daylight reduces heat transfer and eliminates 99% of harmful UV rays.








The Angular Selective Skydome with LCP Lazer Cut Panel technology has been designed to offer a high-performance natural lighting system that captures more light from low elevation sunshine (early morning, late afternoon and during winter), yet blocks high elevation (strong midday) sunlight - reducing heat gain and UV ray penetration.

The Angular Selective Skydome makes it possible to use skylights in climates where the strength of the sun had previously limited their use due to both heat gain and fading of internal fittings and fixtures.

Ideally used for flat steel roof installations. Other natural lighting systems available at Skydome Skylight Systems Ltd include Double Glazed Skydome, Skywindow and Skyglazing among others.

Information last verified 15th February 2011

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