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A lightweight concrete construction panel, with foil backing, suitable for exterior residential and commercial application.








SilverPanel is a panel-based, exterior cladding system suitable for new and existing residential and commercial building vertical applications. The system consists of concrete composite panels with an aluminium backing and is installed on to the exterior wall of a building with steel battens. The panels are sealed to provide a seamless and completely waterproof substrate suitable for a textured paint coating for a rendered aesthetic.

The system reduces heat transfer through the building wall, due to the reflective aluminium panel backing and the air gap created between the panels and the interior wall. The system also provides complete waterproofing, eliminating damage caused by water penetration and the potential for mould growth and is fully resistant to termite and vermin attack.

The system is manufactured to project requirements reducing the creation of onsite waste and construction time, and is installed by SilverPanel Fixing technicians.

Information last verified on: 18/02/2011

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