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Dishwashers suitable for domestic use. WELS rated as in the top 25% of their category. Available in a variety of models and finishes.  A 4-Star rating is the top rating currently being achieved by any dishwasher.







Siemens dishwashers combine stylish design with excellent performance, energy efficient and water saving options.

Siemens offers 4 types of dishwashers; Semi-Integrated dishwasher allows customising the look by choosing a door panel that matches a kitchen decor.

Siemens Fully Integrated dishwasher offers complete flexibility in achieving a modern, streamlined kitchen.

Built-under dishwashers are designed for installation under a worktop. The dishwasher height can be adjusted to match the plinth height of the surrounding kitchen cabinetry.

A Compact Build-in dishwasher offers flexible installation in a small kitchen or under a slanted ceiling, at an ergonomically convenient height or away from children in high cabinets.

Information last verified 15th February 2011

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