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Solar photovoltaic electrical energy generating systems for grid feedback and offgrid situations available panel mounted or for wall and roof integrated purpose for domestic, commercial & consumer installations.







Integrated Solar-power systems and components using multi-crystalline, ribbon film (Patented to Schott)  & thin film crystalline PV panels  for grid-connected and off grid installations including wall, window and roof mounted solar panels, translucent 'see through' ASI Glass PVs in a variety of patterns.

ASI PV glazing: is available in a number of formats suitable for roof or wall glazing such as laminated glass & double glazed units

MAIN & EFG Solar panels: Panel mounted PVs of differing types suitable for conventional and off-building uses

InDaX-250 Roof Integrated System: large-area 'tile' modules installed directly onto the roof instead of conventional roof tiles or sheeting. The design allows effective rear ventilation of the modules to minimise heat build up.

All systems are available with universal mounting systems, inverters and controllers.

Information last verified 14th February 2011

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