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Express SpanTM Roof is a structural roofing system which utilises a thermal insulation system for commercial and industrial roof spaces.








Express SpanTM Roof combines a reflective system and steel thermal spacers to form a high thermal performance structural roofing system. The product consists of a 'C' or 'Z' Pulin bracket, steel mesh, reflective insulation and a thermal spacer to which standard corrugated metal roof sheeting can be installed directly with the provided clip locks.

Express SpanTM Roof system utilises Express Shield UltimateTM insulation as the thermal reflective system consisting of low density closed cell polyethylene foam surrounded by aluminium film.

This product reduces the need for multiple products to achieve a structural roof with thermal properties in commercial and industrial applications. The product can reduce heating and cooling costs within buildings as insulation reflects heat which enters through the metal roofing, whilst maintaining internal air temperatures.

Information last verified: 6th June 2011

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