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Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for a range of applications.









Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer (HIT) Doubles: This technology from Sanyo Solar utilizes a bifacial effect for overall improved power production. Light that is reflected off buildings and other reflective surfaces is absorbed on the underside of these panels and contributes to overall efficiency. A single thin crystalline silicon wafer is surrounded on either side by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.

These panels are ideal for applications such as carport shading due to the large open space below and high reflectivity potential. In vertical panel installations, HIT Double panels can potentially produce 34% more power than HIT Standards.

•           HIT Double 190W module has efficiency of 15.7% (cell efficiency of 18.8%)*

•           HIT Standard 205W module has efficiency of 17.4%. (cell efficiency of 20.2%)

* - HIT panel efficiencies are measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC), which do not take into account the bifacial characteristics of the HIT Doubles. These panels may produce 110% (or more) of their STC rating, depending on installation design, location, and reflectivity.

Information last verified 07.01.11

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