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An integrated leafguard and gutter system, suitable for residential and commercial application.








Smartflo has an integrated pre-gutter above the main gutter, which catches and separates leaves and debris from the water, allowing only the water to enter the main gutter. Water flows into the main gutter through a series of raised filters positioned along the pre-gutter. Leaves and debris are left behind to dry out and blow away. Once inside the main gutter, the water flows unobstructed to the downpipes or tanks.

Smartflo is specifically designed to reduce gutter maintenance, prevent gutters from becoming clogged with leaves avoid damage due to blocked gutters causing back-flow into the building and reduce bush fire risk.

The body of the gutter is manufactured from 0.55mm Colorbond steel, while the end caps, filters and corners are moulded from a UV and fire resistant polymer.

When used in conjunction with rainwater tanks, Smartflo helps to reduce the impact we have on water catchment areas, and water treatment infrastructure.  It is resistant to corrosion, and comes with a 12 year warranty.


Information last verified on: 22/02/2011

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