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Staron® Solid Surfaces are comprised of a natural and pure mineral derived from bauxite ore and blended with an advanced pure acrylic resin into a non-toxic, polished matrix. With a smooth finish and a range of over 80 colours to select from, Staron® Solid Surfaces are suitable for many applications in commercial or residential projects. The renewable and repairable nature of Staron® Solid Surfaces contributes to the longer durability and reduction of replacement.

Staron® Solid Surfaces is non-porous contributing to a hygienic nature. It is UV fade resistant, heat resistant and will not absorb odors. It is stain resistant and provides a durable surface that is easy to maintain. Seamless joining system leaves no open joins or silicone where mould and bacteria could potentially grow and meets NSF-51 National Sanitation Accreditation (USA). Staron® is GREENGUARD Low chemical emissions Gold certified for low-emitting interior building materials, furnishings and finish systems.

Staron® Solid Surfaces have a stone-like appearance, and offer design flexibility through a wide range of colored and patterned sheets, that can be fabricated or thermoformed into any shape or design imaginable. It can be sculpted to fit around curves or carved into logos, designs or sculptures. Scraps from manufacturing are reprocessed as raw material for new product applications.

Product Certification

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Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1

IEQ-11: Volatile Organic Compounds: Tenancy Fitout ItemsIEQ-12: Formaldehyde Minimisation Mat-1: WorkstationsMat-3: Walls and PartitionsMat-5: TablesMat-6: StorageMat-7: JoineryMaterials Calculator

Green Star - Office v2

IEQ-14: Formaldehyde Minimisation

Green Star - Office v3

IEQ-14: Formaldehyde Minimisation

Green Star - Retail Centre v1

IEQ-9: Formaldehyde Minimisation IEQ-10: Mould PreventionMat-9: Dematerialisation

Green Star - Education v1

IEQ-9: Thermal ComfortMat-12: JoineryMat-13: Loose FurnitureMaterials CalculatorIEQ-8: Volatile Organic Compounds: Tenancy Fitout Items

Green Star - Industrial v1

IEQ-9: Formaldehyde Minimisation

Green Star - Multi Unit Residential v1

IEQ-9: Formaldehyde Minimisation Mat-12: JoineryMaterials CalculatorMat-9: DematerialisationMat-14: Internal Walls

Green Star - Healthcare v1

IEQ-9: Formaldehyde Minimisation Mat-12: JoineryMat-13: Loose FurnitureMaterials CalculatorMat-14: Ceilings, Walls and PartitionsIEQ-8: Volatile Organic Compounds: Wall and Ceiling Coverings

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