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Clothes washing machines designed for residential use. WELS and MEPS rated as in the top 25% of their category. A 4.5-Star WELS rating and 5-Star MEPS rating are the top ratings currently being achieved by any clothes washing machine.







Samsung's wide range of washing machines includes top loaders and front loaders, and capacities between 7 kg and 8.5 kg can save up to 35 litres of water per cycle and some models have an energy efficiency of 3.5 star rating (2010).

Samsung's washing machines feature advanced Diamond Drum technology, which Samsung developed to create a deep, yet gentle wash. By embedding hundreds of tiny water exit holes (20% smaller than those found in the average conventional drum) within the diamond shaped depressions which collect water, the Diamond Drum effectively minimises the risk of clothes getting caught and damaged without compromising on performance. The technology reduces the textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing by 34 % and is gentle enough to wash delicate clothing, such as wool.

Information last verified 15th February 2011

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