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Naturally cured, flooring and cladding tiles suitable for indoor or outdoor residential or commercial use.








Sadlerstone tiles are naturally cured, requiring no baking or steam in any part of the production. This creates a lower embodied energy than comparable tiles that are cured through baking or steam. The top surface of the tiles are naturally polished and are not machine or chemically finished to provide the ultra smooth 'polished' look. The only chemical used in production is a small quantity of water conditioner.

The tiles are composed of granite aggregate, quartz sand and inorganic oxides, bound with cement. Materials are natural so can be recycled easily. Waste material from the production process is recycled into concrete.

Tiles are high resistant to abrasion and wear and low porosity due to lack of grinding or polishing of the top surface. Stain and UV resistant and colour fast.

No toxic substances are used in the making of this product. Sadlerstone have a water filtration and recycling system in place.

Tiles are suitable for flooring, cladding, stair treads, and decorative trim, in indoor or outdoor settings.

Information last verified 14th February 2011

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