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Solar Energy Australian DC/AC inverters for renewable energy applications. transform DC power generated from solar panels into AC power.








Solar Energy Australia (SEA) provides both stand alone and grid feeding inverters.

Stand-alone inverters are used in homes at remote areas and in mobile homes, or commercial vehicles. Railway inverters are utilised in both the railway industry.

S.E.A inverters have as little as 4% distortions

Features: Very high conversion efficiency >95%, natural convection cooling, quiet fan-less design, high reliability with dual micro controllers, built in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker), high power density, compact profile, user friendly LCD display showing complete status information and easy installation.

By installing a grid connect solar system and a hot water heat pump system in your home, energy efficient and significantly increase its sustainability rating; in turn increasing its resale value.

Information last verified 14th February 2011

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