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RPM's Pipes are used for any low pressure application such as drainage, crossovers, culverts, pump wells and great for flood irrigation plus they can be cut and welded.








The product has the following features:

  • Heavy Duty, Quality Pipe and Accessories
  • Culverts, Flood Irrigation, Drainage & Pipe Lines
  • Feed and Water Troughs
  • Lightweight, Easy to handle, Quick Installation

The manufacturer produces High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) pipe, the same plastic used in common black poly agricultural flood pipe.

Their innovative process allows to use 100% recycled HDPE that has previously been made into milk, detergent and similar bottles.

RPM's Pipes all have the spigot and faucet system (bell end) for easier joining.

The product is suitable for "heavy duty" applications in a range of different diameters and supplied in 6 metre lengths for ease of handling and transport.

RPM Pipe have been recycling plastics into pipes since 1998 with a reputation for a quality product and reliable service.

Information last verified 2nd February 2011

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