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Unique Reedbed Wastewater treatment filters, suitable for Class A and B water re-use.








Biomimicry based 100% natural reedbed wastewater treatment systems based on 'Dry Surface Wetland' technology for 1 EP to 10, 000 EP+

The unique feature of this product is the small footprint that the patented reedbed media delivers, ie. 50% of of footprint of other systems at approximately 2m squared/EP.

Systems are custom designed for any location, from single households to municipal scale, commercial and industrial use. Suitable for Class A and B water treatment.

Rootzone filter bed systems produce no noise or smells and produce no sludge or other by products with associated additional costs of disposal.

With little or no electrical or mechanical parts, Rootzone systems are long lasting, self regulating eco-systems that are simple to operate without complex controls and chemical additives.

Information last verified 1st February 2011

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