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Range of concrete based, customized On Site Detention (OSD) sytems for stormwater and sewerage applications.








OSD systems are customised for each aplication from the standard Rocla range: steel reinforced high strength precast concrete pipes, box culverts and pits (including grates, step irons, access chambers and inlet/outlet pipe penetrations).

Precast, reinforced components reduce construction times, increases durability and reduces maintenance. The OSD tank can be backfilled the same day it is installed therefore increasing site safety.

The tanks can be designed and manufactured for full highway loadings resulting in a fully trafficable OSD tank.

Additional storage volumes can be achieved when combining the Rocla OSD tank with a Rocla Hydro-Brake flow regulator which can be pre-fitted into the detention tank.

Tasmanian and Northern Territory customers need to contact 131 004 for nearest distributors.

Information last verified 1st February 2011

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