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Range of products that provide oil separation and hydrocarbon spill management solutions for petrol stations, electrical transformers and generators, fuel and oil storage areas, truck wash bays, workshops, and industrial wastewater.

Products include ecoSep® oil/water separator, and ecoTop® oil water separator.






Rocla ecoSep® provides below ground oil water separation. It is a fully automated, gravity fed system requiring no power or pumps to operate. Systems are sized to treat flows of 3, 10 and 20L/s. Custom made units can treat flows up to 100L/s. It has been tested to European Standards (DIN1999) and removes discharged oil concentrations to less than 5ppm.

Rocla ecoTop® oil water separator is an above ground oil water separator which operates and performs in a similar fashion to the ecoSep. It can be used in mobile applications. It has also been tested to European standards (DIN1999). The unit is available in two standard sizes to treat up to 3L/s and 10L/s.

The ecoTechnic components are imported from Austria and installed in the Rocla concrete products.

Information last verified 1st February 2011

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