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CleansAll® Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) removes and retains pollutants such as litter, sediments and oils from waste and stormwater systems.








The GPT was developed in conjunction with the University of South Australia. It is designed to treat large flows inline or at the end-of -line of storm/wastewater systems.

It is manufactured from high strength precast concrete using a stainless steel basket to trap pollutants. The basket system allows the pollutants to be removed without confined space access requirements. The system is simple to install, low maintenance and durable.

The GPT is suited to residential and commercial storm water drainage systems and can be applied either on new drainage lines or retrofitted to existing drainage lines.

The CleansAll® GPT can be customised to suit most applications including Single / Multi-cell pipe culverts, Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts, Open Channel, Salt Water application.

Tasmanian and Northern Territory enquires contact 131 004 for nearest distributor.

Information last verified 1st February 2011

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