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Instant hot water system, with low emission burners, high efficiencies and low flow rates, WELS compatible.








Continuous flow water heater, energy efficient since water is heated only as required, thus low unning costs and low GHG emissions. Its compact size allows easy installation.

Japanese design and manufacturing, able to operate 2 showers at once.

Wide selection of models to suit any Australian home. Rinnai offers 3 types of INFINITY continuous flow hot water systems, allowing choice on special preferences; some include a pre-heat system to reduce water wastage and the highest efficiency models, present lowest running costs and environmental impact.

The Rinnai INFINITY Enviro, known as 'condensing units' uses considerably less gas to produce the same quantity of hot water as standard systems. The 26 Litre one is a 7 Star equivalent Hot Water System.

Information last verified 1st February 2011

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