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Low VOC polyester fabric coverings for office panels, workstations, acoustic panels and vertical surfaces.








Fusion is a non-woven fabric made using some post-industrial recovered polyester fibres (approximately 6%). Non-woven construction minimises fray and allows for a quicker transfer of fibre to fabric, improving energy efficiency.

Fabric does not require foam backing or adhesives for installation onto panels, facilitating disassembly for reuse or recycling at end of current life. Dispersed dyestuffs used in dyeing are biodegradable.  No scouring is necessary as in wool fabrics. Water used is treated and reused.

Product has been independently tested to and deemed to be low VOC. Polyester is a non-toxic and non harmful product and is installer-friendly, requiring no specific protective apparel during manufacture, normal handling or use.

Fabrics are suitable as coverings for office panels and workstations; acoustic panels and other vertical surfaces.

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