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An innovative water storage system that replaces waffle pods in deep beam construction for residential and commercial use.









Aquacomb is a modular water storage and harvesting system, designed to replace traditional expanded polystyrene waffle pod inserts to insitu slab construction where deep beam footings are required.

It is suitable for domestic rainwater and stormwater management. The product is available in four options based on its application:

Aquacomb life: for non-potable domestic usage
Aquacomb pure:
for residential purposes where potable water is essential
Aquacomb ProSpec:
for architect or engineer who needs to incorporate water storage in industrial and commercial projects
Aquacomb Premium:
for storage purposes in exposed or visible locations. It is manufactured in UV stabilised material, suitable for portable or non-portable water, and is available in specific colours to match new or existing paint schemes

The Aquacomb system has many applications i.e. slab on grade, rural sheds, patios, loaded floors, commercial/ industrial / urban applications, driveways and pathways.

Information last verified: 6th June 2011

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