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Worm farm system. Made from 100% recycled plastics.









Worms are one of nature's ultimate recyclers, they live long and reproduce easily. Tumbleweed's Worm Factory® produces a nutritious fertilizer to feed a garden. It is compact and designed to sit in a garden or a balcony. With one single worker tray and a collector tray to gather worm tea.

  • Green 100% recycled plastic
  • Large capacity rectangular working tray
  • Large capacity, non-ventilated liquid collection tray with tap
  • Coir brick

The Can-O-Worms® system is ideal to teach children the application of vermiculture, Can-O-Worms®'s mounds encourage worms to move from the collector trays to the working trays. A unique flow through ventilation prevents collected tea from turning anaerobic.

Information last verified 31th January 2011

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