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Reflective Blinds are transparent, internal, sun control blinds. RB are installed inside the window, and are designed to reflect the sun's rays back through the glass before they can heat the room up or cause damage.








Blinds are made from laminated polyester film. Product preserves view like putting on sun glasses, protect furniture with 99% reduction in UV, reduce glare with 97% reduction in glare, and reduce heat gain with 50-80% reduction in solar heat gain, depending on the film chosen and the design of the window.

They also reduce heat loss up to 20-45% in winter, depending on the size and design of the window and the way the blind is installed. Reflective Blinds provide daytime privacy because people cannot see in under normal daylight conditions.

Performance varies between films in the range. RB is the first product from the Window Furnishings Industry to be included in the Windows Energy Rating Scheme.

Information last verified 31th January 2011

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