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Redwater™ Diverter is a valve placed in the hot water line close to the hot water tap to save the cool water in the hot water supply line.








When a hot water tap is off, the water in the hot water supply line cools down. A Redwater™ Diverter saves the cool water that would otherwise run down the drain while waiting for the hot water to arrive at the hot water tap when the valve is opened again. The valve diverts the cool water to a desired area, such as storage tank, rainwater tank, garden, pool or to livestock water, and allows only hot water to escape from the tap.

A Redwater™ Diverter operates with no electricity and it is suitable for both retrofit and new installations either in residential or commercial applications. Once installed, it does not require any pre-meditated action before using the hot tap to operate - such as pressing a button.

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