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An extensive range of sealing systems including perimeter frame seals, door bottom seals, disabled access thresholds, brush strip, pile and fringe weather-stripping for all door and window types to contain energy and exclude weather, noise, fire, smoke, insects and vermin.

Raven Sealing Systems seal gaps around doors and windows, sealing against a combination of intrusions and leakages. They can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door and window types without impeding normal use. The sealing systems provide sealing against the intrusion of sound, fire and smoke, rain, cold draughts, dust, embers, light and insects and vermin. They also provide sealing against the leakage of heating and air-conditioning energy to allow energy savings.

Raven Sealing Systems are tested and proven against sound, weather, smoke and fire. Seals have been designed to accommodate light, medium and heavy duty levels to suit applications in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

The aluminium seals essentially consist of two parts, the aluminium carrier and a flexible seal insert. Dependent on the function the inserts can be; solid and closed cell sponge EPDM (synthetic rubber), flexible PVC, nylon brush filaments, felt, polypropylene pile, silicon rubber, thermo-plastic rubber. Many of the seals also incorporate a cover strip which conceals the fasteners.

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