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A permanent, UV stable, non-toxic water based masonry sealer enabling reduction in maintenance costs and carbon pollution.









Rapelle Invisi Seal is an invisible, deep penetrating, water based sealer that permanently bonds to masonry substrates. It includes the following features:

  • Comprised of non-toxic silane/siloxanes;
  • Contains no VOC's, are UV stable, permanent, and prolong surface life;
  • Repels oil and water yet allows air to pass, displays 'self cleaning' properties;
  • Does not affect slip or friction qualities;
  • Prevents staining from soiling, algae, mould and algae build-up, chewing gum adhesion, and salt leaching (efflorescence);
  • Minimises maintenance costs by up to 60% due to reduced cleaning equipment and time, water, human resources, chemicals and power; and;
  • Provides consequent GHG reduction.


Information last verified on: 17th February 2011

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