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Ellipse Modular Tanks are an in-ground water retention or detention system.









Ellipse Modular Tanks are an underground stormwater storage system, allowing retention or detention of water.  The cells have a length of 715mm, width of 400mm, and height of 440mm, and the majority of the cell is manufactured from recycled polypropylene.  The structure has a void area of 95% to maximise storage capacity

The structure can be used for water retention and storage by the use of an impervious liner. Another application is water detention and infiltration by the use of a porous liner, which controls the timing of water exit.

Rainsmart Ellipse Modular Tanks aid in reducing the reliance on water catchment areas, reducing the effects of storm water run-off, and are useful in areas where the visual disturbance of a conventional water tank is unwanted.

Information last verified on: 03/02/2011

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