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A water contaminant removal product used in rainwater collection systems.  For residential and commercial application in light and heavy rainfall and pollution conditions.








An automatic rainwater diversion system to remove contaminants in the initial flow (first flush) of water through a collection system before storage.

Contaminated water flows into the diverter chamber (which utilises a section of standard PVC pipe). Once the chamber is full, the uncontaminated water will flow to the tank, storage vessel or pool. This system improves water quality, and reduces tank maintenance and protects pumps by preventing contaminants from entering the tank.

Different sizes of diverter are available. The type of diverter to use will depend on volume of water to be diverted, downpipe systems and site characteristics. Diverted water may be discarded or used in garden irrigation. Can be used in wet and dry systems. Can be attached to new or existing PVC downpipes of 90mm or 100mm diameter.

PVC is an environmentally contentious material with potential impacts during manufacture and disposal - please click for more information on PVC.

Rain Harvesting Products are approved under AS 2070 and by the US Federal Drug Administration as Food Grade Products. Hence there are no concerns during in-use phase as installed in homes. However, if installing the diverter in existing pipework, ensure existing pipes are suitable for purose- ie. If potable use is intended, existing pipework may need to be replaced.

Information last verified 6th January 2011

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