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Dual screen rainwater collection head.  Leaf, debris, insect and vermin removal device suitable for potable water collection for residential/commercial use in light to heavy rainfall areas.








Dual screen collection head for use in conjunction with potable and non-potable rainwater collection systems.  Installed at the top of the down pipe directly below the gutter, discharge flow continues to the storage tank. Improves hydraulic performance of downpipes. Self cleaning primary screen removes debris and leaves minimising fire hazard.

A secondary stainless steel screen prevents mosquitoes/insects and vermin from entering the pipe system.

The main body of the rain head can be painted.

Lead-free UPVC rain head suitable for use in both 'dry' and 'wet' downpipe collection systems.

PVC is an environmentally contentious material with potential impacts during manufacture and disposal - click on PVC for more information.

However, Rain Harvesting Products are approved under AS 2070 and by the US Federal Drug Administration as Food Grade Products. Hence there are no concerns during use in-use phase as installed in buildings.

Information last verified 10th January 2011

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