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Radial sawn decking









Innovative decking profile designed to shed water from top surface, ensure debris and water are not trapped in joints and shaped underneath to allow under-surface and joist to dry out after rain. Profile features will result in extended life-cycle of deck and structure as well as reduced maintenance. Radially sawn timber increases log usage up to 85% compared with 30-40% for conventional sawn dressed timber, although care must be used in documentation to ensure detailing addresses the use of non-rectangular timber.

Naturally durable Silver-top and Mountain Ash species as well as Yellow Stringybark timbers sourced from forest 'waste', recovered logs, private land and private plantations. No formal 'chain of custody' certification available at this time to ensure timber is not from areas of potential high-conservation value although Radcon is endeavouring to assist specifiers in this regard.


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Information last verified 7th January 2011

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