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Modified sodium silicate solution, spray applied to cured concrete, that penetrates and reacts with concrete to form a sub-surface barrier, waterproofing the pores, capillaries and large cracks against the ingress of water and contaminants.

Radcon Formula # 7®  is a modified sodium silicate impregnation sealant used to make concrete watertight, sealing large cracks (up to 2.00mm) and pores. The Radcon Formula # 7® reacts with calcium ions in the concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate gel. The reaction will harden the surface of the concrete, penetrate the concrete up to 20mm preventing the ingress of water, salts and other contaminants.  Radcon Formula #7® maintains an autogenous healing capability thus being able to re-seal hairline cracking should this occur at some future time. The product is backed by a 100 year guarantee.

Radcon Formula #7 is spray applied to cured concrete, followed by a 3 day watering process that allows the formula to penetrate the surface of the concrete.  There are no maintenance requirements to provide continuous watertightness for the life of the concrete.

Applications include all structural concrete, car parks, rooftops, bridge decks, potable water holding vessels, and commercial and residential bathrooms.  It is certified by various international standards safe for use with potable water vessels.

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