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QT Wall Systems – QT Eco Series Wall Panel & QT EcoSEPARATE Wall Panel


QT EcoSeries Wall Panels- light weight masonry, fire rated, insulated exterior wall cladding, with recycled content, for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Also provides sound abatement benefits and termite resistance.

QT EcoSEPARATEWall Panels- light weight separating walls used between units and townhouses to create a fire and acoustic barrier between tenancies.





QT EcoSeries - 2230 x 900 x 50 (90 min fire rating)

Following testing by the CSIRO Manufacturing and Materials Technology Division, it was concluded that this material can be considered non-combustible in terms of the Building Code of Australia.

QT EcoSEPARATE - 2230 x 900 x 50 has steel channels attached for ease of construction.

Both of the above 50mm panels weigh under 20kg per square metre or approx 39kg per sheet.

In terms of recycling, diverting EPS from the waste stream into the manufacture of a durable, inert product with a long lifespan is beneficial, particularly as virgin EPS manufacture, use and disposal creates persistent environmental and health effects (namely cancer, mutations, neurotoxin effects). However, unless 'closed loop' recycling of EPS is undertaken, diverting EPS into a durable product only slows its landfill trajectory.

All joints in the QT EcoSeries wall panels sealed with an expandable polyurethane foam adhesive classified by NOHSC as harmful and an irritant (also a 'sensitizer'). The foam has clean up issues as it is not water soluble and the aerosol packaging generates storage and disposal issues. These are site issues and the responsibility of the site manager rather than the manufacturer.

Information last verified 6th January 2011

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