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Pyropanel ® Door Range FSC is a range of FSC certified door products suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.








Pyropanel ® Door Range FSC designs and cerifications have enabled FSC Certified Pyropanel Licencees to manufacture doors in accordance with the FSC certification. These door leaves are certified to contain only timber that has FSC chain of custody,and are available in fire ratings up to 4 hours, as well as a range of non fire rated doors.

Doors finishes available include MDF (up to 1 hour), and Ply and Steel faces up to 4 hours.

Any project requiring non fire rated or fire rated up to -/240/ 30, where a requirement also exists for the doors to be FSC certified, or be sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified timber, including residential complexes, hospital, schools, public buildings.

United Door Makers (Vic.) Pty Ltd is the owner of the certificate, it is a brand of Pyropanel.


  • Fully tested and certified up to -/240/30
  • Non fire rated models available
  • Some models LSD (Life Safety Door) approved
  • Available in pairs or singles, and panel over
  • 30 minute and 1 hour door leaves are of 'non metal' construction type, allowing for easy hanging and lock preparation (depending on leaf dimensions)
  • Variety of meeting stiles for pair configurations
  • Suitable for Pyropanel Pressed Metal Doors Frames or Pyropanel one hour  Fire rated FSC Timber Door Frame
  • Also suitable for modified non rated door frames
  • Optional intumescent hot smokes seals available

Products in this range include models;

  • PFD-FSC-0-38
  • PFD-FSC-0-48
  • PFD-FSC-020-38
  • PFD-FSC-030-48
  • PFD-FSC-060-38
  • PFD-FSC-060-48
  • PFD-FSC-120-38
  • PFD-FSC-120-48
  • PFD-FSC-240-48

Information last verified 03/06/11

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