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Protector Glass Industries - Fortress Glass ™ & V-KOOL ™ Film


A clear heat reflecting glass or film for residential and commercial buildings and automotive uses.








This unique product can be specified as a laminated glass or as a film for existing glass. It has a spectrally selective coating that permits 73% of visible light to be transmitted through the glass while reflecting 94% of infra-red rays and blocking 99% of ultra-violet radiation. This means an overall radiant heat reduction of 55% (radiant heat gain is the major source but only one component of heat gain through glass).

Superior features and benefits include:

Reduces solar heat gain by over half. It therefore reduces air-conditioning loads and energy consumption in buildings and vehicles.

Clear, colourless appearance, maintaining high transparency and low visible wavelength reflectivity. 99% UV blockout will dramatically help reduce furniture, and fabrics from fading. It provides additional insulation to help keep heat in during colder times.

Manufactured from PET with acrylic adhesive, with gold, silver and indium oxide sputtered nano-coatings

Information last verified 7th February 2011

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